The Elder Law Firm of Clements & Wallace, P.L. has answers to your elder law questions…

  • “My mom can’t drive anymore, and needs help with her personal needs. She wants to stay in her own home, but I live out of state and can’t be there to help. What are our options?”
  • “My daughter has a severe disability and receives SSI and Medicaid. Can I leave her an inheritance without causing her to lose those benefits?”
  • “My husband just had a stroke and was placed in a nursing home. I am afraid of losing everything we worked for all our lives.”
  • “Mom is in an assisted living facility and we need to sell her home to help pay the bills. She has Alzheimer’s and cannot sign a deed. Can I sell her home for her?”

Mark Clements and Carol Wallace have both helped thousands of individuals and families over thirty years in all phases of estate planning and planning for long-term care. If a sudden, unexpected event such as an accident or diagnosis of serious illness has thrust you into a crisis, we can help by providing complete and accurate information.

Carol J. Wallace

Carol J. Wallace

Carol Wallace has dedicated her career to serving the legal needs of seniors. Carol practiced many years in Alabama before relocating to Florida in 2008. She is certified as an elder law attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation in 1996. She was the first attorney in Alabama with this distinction.

Carol was a partner in the Elder Law Firm of Glass & Wallace, P.C. with offices in Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama, from 1997 to 2009. That law firm was the first in Alabama dedicated to serving the legal needs of seniors.
Carol J. Wallace

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