Estate Planning Advice: Should My Parents Give Me Their Home?

Long-term care can be very costly and it can quickly deplete a person's life savings. Medicaid can help cover┬áthe costs of a nursing home, but only if the person going into care has limited resources. When someone owns a home, it is thus natural to be concerned about whether the house will be lost if nursing home care becomes necessary. However, in … [Read more...]

Does Medicaid Pay For Long-term Care in the Home?

Medicaid provides important benefits for seniors and other individuals who are unable to care for themselves and who need long-term care. While many seniors benefit from Medicaid coverage to help pay the cost of a nursing home, there are also situations where a senior or his/her family members want to ensure that their loved one remains at home for … [Read more...]

Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Barbara Buxton, a fellow elder law attorney, recently posted an article with common mistakes made during the estate planning process. We believe these tips to be helpful and beneficial to anyone in this position. Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes 1. Procrastination. 2. Not creating more than a Will in your estate plan. (You don't create a … [Read more...]

Revitalization of Promissory Notes as a Medicaid Planning Tool

Recent implementation of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 has resulted in Medicaid policies that are just now being utilized by the Elder Law Bar as a new planning opportunity for asset preservation for families with loved ones seeking long term care. This change was set forth in the ESS manual in January 2010. However, only until recently have … [Read more...]