What is Guardianship and How Does it Work?

A guardian is someone appointed by the court to control a ward’s assets and make decisions on behalf of the ward. The ward must be declared as incapacitated by the court to be unable to handle his/her own affairs. People who suffer from mental disabilities, including people with dementia and other conditions of old age, may need a guardian if they … [Read more...]

On Behalf of My Parent, Should I Act as Guardian or Attorney-In-Fact?

If your aging parent becomes incapacitated and needs someone to make decisions on his/her behalf, including decisions regarding medical treatments, financial issues, or living arrangements, you have a choice between serving as an attorney-in-fact (agent) if your parent has executed a valid Durable Power of Attorney (POA) appointing you as such, or … [Read more...]

Caretakers Lose Trillions of Dollars

ElderLawAnswers.com recently posted the following article discussing the drastic issues adult caretakers have faced recently. It emphasizes the importance of financial planning and personal health for anyone caring for a parent today. Americans who take time off work to care for their aging parents are losing an estimated $3 trillion dollars in … [Read more...]

Caretaker Meltdown

Amy Goyer writes a regular blog for AARP.org that revolves around her troubles and experiences as a caregiver for her parents. Her real-life experiences and she dealt with them are beneficial for any caregiver to read and relate to. The following article addresses how easy it is for a caregiver to become too stressed and overwhelemed in day-to-day … [Read more...]