Can’t I Just Add My Child’s Name to the Title of my House to Avoid Losing my Home to Medicaid recovery?

Estate recovery is a process in which the government tries to recover funds paid out by Medicaid for long-term care costs or other medical expenses. Medicaid is a program designed to provide medical coverage for the poor, but it has become widely used by seniors to pay for nursing home costs. After a senior dies, Medicaid recovery allows the … [Read more...]

Florida Medicaid Planning: Can’t I Just Give My Assets Away and Qualify for Medicaid Benefits?

As you become older, you may incur significant medical expenses, even when you are covered by Medicare. Medicare, the insurance designed to cover all elderly Americans, provides some coverage but requires you to pay a percentage of expenses and may not offer full payment for things like assisted living or nursing home care. Fact is it pays very … [Read more...]